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if i touch a hand of a person that has herpetic whitlow, will i get it?

i heard you cant get herpes from hand shaking but then i stumbled upon hand herpes/herpetic whitlow. Doesnt this make it not true. Wont people get herpetic whitlow if they hand shake/touch the hand of person that has it?
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No, the skin on your hand is too thick for the virus to penetrate.

Most cases of herpetic whitlow is in health care workers like dentists who put their hands in people's mouths and get bitten, etc. It's not that common, and it's very painful. People who have it aren't generally shaking hands.

It's a good idea right now to avoid shaking hands, or to at least be washing them all the time, but it's not because of herpes.
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What about being touch in the face and eyes by a person with herpetic whitlow hands?
People with herpetic whitlow are only infectious when they have a sore. The sores are really painful, so they aren't missing it, and they know they can transmit it.

Who is touching your face and eyes? I wouldn't let anyone touch my face and eyes right now except maybe a regular partner, and you should know if your regular partner has herpetic whitlow.

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