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internal vaginal irritation & blood discharge

I have been having sex multiple times a day with my boyfriend without always having proper lubrication and I began to get internal soreness and noticed that an odour started to develop. Then after have sex a few days ago I noticed a very slight blood discharge, which would not have been noticible without the use of toilet paper- it was only slightly tinged with blood and I had finished my period a week before, so I thought that was strange. Then my boyfriend looked inside my vagina to see what was wrong and did not see anything until he really pulled it open and noticed tiny almost impercievable bumps with a slight yellow color only on the inside folds of my vagina. He had to pull open these folds and found them inside two or three different folds. Since then the smell has continued and when I did a yogurt and water douch it really helped and have also been using natural herb and borax suppositories for the past few nights.There is absolutely no itching or burning but these spots were sensitive to the touch. I had been tested for all STDs before being with him and he had as well and everything was clean and since then have not been with any other partners and neither of us had noticed any symptoms before. He told me they did not look like lesions or sores but that the yellow color seemed to come from a tiny amount of puss inside the bumps. I have had severe yeast problems in the past and a doctor diagnoses me with candida years ago which I thought I had cured. I also had chlamydia about 12 years ago. Also a note the discharge is not very much and is not cottage cheese looking but more liquidy- not very thick, just with a very unusual smell I have not noticed ever before. I am on a two and a half week vacation and cannot use my medical coverage here. Is it OK to wait until I get home to go to the doctor? Thanks for any advice, help, or suggestions.
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we don't recommend douching. if you have an infection, it can just push it further up into your reproductive system and cause long term damage . It's not something to do for odor!

you need to stop using the self treatments you are too. the boric acid suppositories can cause the skin to be irritated and you don't want to further complicate things.

did you and your partner get full std testing prior to starting to have unprotected sex together? did it include herpes igg blood testing?

you need to be seen and get a proper work up done. since you've been using the boric acid, you should probably wait at least a few days before doing so so all the effects of it are gone.  sounds more like you have bv going on than anything and that isn't properly treated with what you've been using.  I'd avoid sex too so you don't further irritate anything.

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Also I forgot to mention this is probably unrelated but right beforethis I developed little bumps in between my toes that did not itch or burn or anything but now they are drying up and healing.
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