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need your help

hi all,

i briefly had unprotected sex two weeks ago for less than 5 minutes total. two days later, i had horrible tinginling sensation for two days which followed up by burning, itching, and cottage cheese/ sometimes greenish discharge from my vagina. I had no visable sores; however, the burning/ itching/ discharge sensation went on for almost two weeks.

Does this sound like herpes? I have had these symptoms before, and the doctor wrote it up as a bacterial infection and the meds made it go away ; however, I did not have it tested for herpes. Does this sound more like a yeast/ bacteria infection? I'm worried that that two day tingling that lead to the itchting/ burning/ discharge sensation mocks the herpes process especially since it occured after brief unprotected sex.

please help

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This does sound more like a yeast infection. Discharge is not associated with herpes.

If you'd like to understand you HSV status, ask for blood test type specific for HSV1 and HSV2 IgG antibodies.
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thank you, i appreciate your feedback.

Do others share your opinion? I've read mixed reviews regarding discharge.

For example, the article below outlines discharge as a symptom; however, I would love everyones feedback


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Others may chime in but generally it is just one of us taking it in turns.

Herpes does not cause discharge itself, that does not mean it isn't present as well.

The best you can do is request a swab and have your blood test both now and 12 weeks post last sexual episode.
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