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stop dancing around the issue

I've had herpes mouth sores about once a year, for as long as I can remember.

Okay. So, to sum things up:

1. HSV 1 and 2 are the same regardless of oral or genital outbreaks.

2. You can have or end up with both strains, with both oral and genital symptoms, at the same time.

3. If you have HSV 1 and or 2, you are contagious all the time not just through oral sex or intercourse, but also by contact with mucus sites, saliva, sperm, bodily discharge and bodily fluids.

4. If you are not infected, you can be infected by anyone who is infected regardless of whether or not the infected person has ever had symptoms.

Are these conclusions accurate?
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No not really.

1.hsv 1 and 2 act differantly depending on location. Hsv1 of the genitals can have a severe primary outbreak but usually has few future outbreaks and sheds very little. When it does it isn't usually very potent. Genital to genital hsv1 contraction is unusual as oral to genital is very common. Hsv2 oral acts very similar and has few outbreaks and sheds very little. Hsv2 oral is not common.
2. Yes you can have oral hsv1 and genital hsv2.

3.no. you are only contagious when you are having an outbreak or shedding which for hsv2 is like 10-20% of days. Saliva, soerm or bodily fluids are not efficient ways to soread the virus. It's not in the fluids like that. It sheds off of skin. Thats why bloodtests test for antibodies not the virus. Do some research on how the virus works.

4. This is true. Protected sex helps protect you but the virus does shed and you could (not as common) contract it on the area not covered by a condom. Like the pubic area. The testicles are rarely infected due to the thick skin. Again most infections take place in the areas of most friction like penis shaft or vagina opening. Keep in mind hsv is not a super contagious infection. Most oral infections occur in small children or elderly adults due to poor immune systems.
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feelingundone has done a great job in addressing your points I believe, but just let me reiterate on #4.  In order to be infected the infecting party has to be shedding at the time and typically this is more prevalent just before or at the onset of sores.  Trust me I have read this over and over because I have HSV1 and I very much want to keep it to myself.  I would never let anyone so much as touch my skin if I thought I felt a cold sore coming on or while it was there (I am super paranoid about it).  Other than that you live a normal life.  By the way there are some great natural treatments out there to help seriously deal with both HSV1 and 2.  Read up on it!
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