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what to do

i found out mon i have hsv 2 it made me very ocd about staying clean im scared to ever have sex again what do i do this is ruining my life
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I found out on Monday as well that I have hsv2 and I too have become ocd about cleaning as I have a 2 year old child but if you think about it there are far worse things to be depressed about it. Everything will be ok just take one day at a time and don't let this consume you. Don't dwell on this new negative and try and think of the positive I personally try to think that I am lucky I have hsv2 and not something like hiv which is life threatening. Please just hold your head up and don't let it consume you. You will find ways to manage the disease and life will go on don't let it bring you down. Think positive. :)
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there is absolutely no special cleaning you need to think about because of genital herpes!  the virus is easily killed with soap and water so just washing your hands after using the toilet or touching yourself intimately is all you need to do. It's the fats in soaps that kill the virus, not the water temperature so no need for anything special than the usual lukewarm water and soap up while sinking happy birthday to me 2x in a row.

we call genital herpes a sexually transmitted infection for good reason.  You need sexual type contact to transmit it. You don't have to worry about the virus being on any surfaces for others to contract.  

Terri warren's book "the good news about the bad news" is available on amazon for under $15. It is very informative and covers the psychological side of having herpes in far more detail than her free herpes handbook.   I highly recommend it if you are newly diagnosed and having a hard time with it. it's well worth the money!  

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