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worried i gave partner herpes (he has a cough and fever)

hi, I have had HVS 2 for five months now. (I have never taken a blood test but got examined by a doctor who told me I had it) I had protected sex with a man a week ago, 4-5 days after we had sex he told me he was sick with a cough and fever, I am very worried. We used protection and i'm on anti-virals but I forgot two days worth of pills. my question is could this be herpes? how long till bumps appear..(he has been sick for four days now)

thank you
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Hi, do yourself a favor and have a blood test to confirm if in fact you do have herpes. Using condoms and taking antivirals with no sores at the time, the risk you passed it to him would be close to zero from a one time affair. Sores most often appear in the first week but a sore would develop BEFORE flu like symptoms, so in this case i would rule out that he was just infected. Take the blood test!
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Thank you, it turns out he didn't get infected. I'm going to get a blood test later this week. I'm thinking I might not even have it. I remember getting strep throat, fever, UTI, and a yeast infection. Then a few days later two small pink bumps that didn't hurt that bad...they later turned into small cuts that healed but didn't crust over, they just healed in two days. My doctor told me I had it so i just went with that. I'm so confused i need to get the test done already.
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