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hidradenitis suppurativa

Hi there!  
I just have a question about an antibiotic I am about to start taking tomorrow.

I have hidradenitis suppurativa and have just finished a course of doxycycline which I was on for 6 months.

Tomorrow I am starting a new course of cindamycin hydrochloride and when I went to the pharmacist I was advised by the chemist to take a pro biotic which contains 12.5 billion lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM) organisms and 12.5 billion ifidobacterium lactis organisms.

I was just wondering.. if my cindamycin tablets are supposed to kill bacteria.. wouldn't that also kill any pro biotic I might take?  Is it worth taking the probiotic or should I not worry about it?
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Antibiotics like Clindamycin is effective only against the sensitive bacteria which are sensitive to the antibiotic.For the resistant and normal living commensals it is not effective and does not kill it.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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Hi absolutely take the pro biotics as your doctor said to. Antibiotics will not kill your pro biotics.
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