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Hello there, I've been suffering with this thing for 9 years now and it's spread and gotten worse for me, any meds prescribed (antiobiotics) have not worked and the only relief, be it a shot period of relieve is cortizone injections into the sore. Might you have any suggestions as to deal with this w/o me taking 8 advils at a time to just dull the pain?
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Hello Bella,
I also have HS and have had it 12 years now and I have come to find that when the "bump" starts and begins to get sore I take a large band aid with a bit of neosporin in the center and place it over the =dry clean area. This should draw it out without the yucky smell getting onto your clothes as well as it's not as painful for clothes or skin to touch the area. Soaking in a tube of hot water also helps. I know myself how horrible this disorder is and wish you all the best. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk more about it.

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Hello Bella, I have suffered with HS for 13 years and here are some things that i have found that has helped me, only after 19 surgieries lol. I started to watch what i was eating, i baked alot of my foods and ate alot healthier cutting soda and chips candy from my diet, also i take the turminic caps, i buy it from the grocery store(alot cheaper) and just buy empty capsuals from walgreens. Have you had your iron levels checked it has alot to do with your immune system? The problem with Antiobiotics is they build up in your system and no longer works so i started to take them when i get a breakout. Warm baths and hot compress helps to relieve some of the pain for me personally. Also wearing loose clothes depending on where you get them at and cotton underwear helps to. Hope this helps you. Hope you feel better ;-)
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I have had HS for about 12 years but it has gotten alot worse in the last 2 years.  I have outbreaks and then times where it gets better.  My GYN doctor gave me Aldactone and I have been given antibiotics at different times.  Currently nothing seems to help.  You mentioned the band aid but I have mine in the creases of my legs and bottom side in general so I don't know how that would work.  Do you have any other suggestions?  
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