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what should i do if i dont have insurance and feel like i need medical treatment?

my blood pressure is a steady 145 over 90 and i have a tightness in my chest with sharp pains periodically throughout the day. Some shortness of breath
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Finding affordable healthcare without insurance may seem daunting, but there are more options than you may think.Yes, you can get medical care if you don’t have health insurance.

In the United States, hospital emergency rooms are required to provide treatment regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Additionally, there are many medical facilities that provide routine care to people who don’t have insurance. You will be asked to pay for any care you receive, but there are ways to find healthcare at a lower cost.
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That my friend is hypertension, or high blood pressure. Hypertension is a serious and life-threatening event as it causes your heart to enlarge. This could be deadly if not treated. I suggest you getting to a doctor to find out what's causing you to have high blood pressure associated with tightness in your chest, and with shortness of breath. It could be Congestive Heart Failure also. I suggest going to the doctor to see what's up
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