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Do you have a special Christmas story to share?

A very special Christmas was the Christmas of 2006 or 2007.  The weather was horrible and power was off for 2-3 weeks before and up to Christmas day.

I always took our grandsons shopping for a Christmas ornament each year.  This Christmas I was unable to do so due to the weather with icy/snowy roads.  I felt so bad I decided to let them select a couple of my ornaments.  

I collect nativity sets, several with music boxes.  I put out 2 naitvity sets with a couple of Santas and Snowmen for the boys to select.

My grandsons were 11 and 12 years old. They are not Christians but I am proud of how they have been raised.  

The year this story took place was the year of high tech toys were the "in" thing.  I asked my boys what each home should have at Christmas.   Tucker the 11 year old said, "Love and cookies,"  Teagan, the 12 year old said "family and food."  

I almost cried.  They did not show any of the selfish, self centered response most young boys would respond with.  No money, no toys, no gifts.  They selected 2 of the most import gifts of all, family and love.

They each selected a large nativity music box and a standing secular ornament such as Santa and a snowman.

As an adult this Christmas was one of my favorite Christmases. It showed me that we can not ever know just how precious our children are unless we  question them allowing them to express their ideas and feelings.  

I hope this story was enjoyed.  I am looking forward to other stories.   stubby226
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I have fond memories when I was a child maybe around 10 year old , going to Church by myself, I was dropped off ,I wore my new green wooly hat with bobbles on, I loved the stories of the baby being born and avidly read everythjing I could about the baby jesus ...I also went alone every Sunday maybe 2 times on that day, my mom was protecting me, Christmas day and Sundays were the days my dad got the most drunk, he never abused me, he did her, and  the yelling he did at my Mom haunts me ,her way of getting me away from it till he fell asleep was to send me to Church , I stood in the pews regularly with the grown ups , I have never forgotten it, I loved the stories they told from the bible ..and my green bobbly hat ...
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