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Canine kidney health

Anybody tried the Five Leaf Pet Botanicals for their pets?  My 14 year-old Milo started to refuse to eat (which is unusual...since he's appetite made him overweight).  His vet kept on telling me to give half his food and half vegetables.  Finally, for the fast two years, Milo started to love eating his food with vegetables smoothies...and walking more than he's used to. He shed some pounds but still overweight.  Just last week, he started eating cat food and refused to eat his food. One day before turning 14, started to eat less cat food, and eat less his own food with fresh veg. (Kale, spinach and carrots). He used to love eating Blueberries, Apple and Cucumber, and he just refused to eat the fruits. Went to vet on his bday, he just gave him appetite stimulant. The following day, no improvemt at all. After shampoo and grooming, I requested to have his blood works done . Got the result Thursday (BUN r42, Glucose 559, Creattinkine 2.0, A ST 69, ALP 620,  WBC 31.3, Neutrophils 26.85, Monoccytes 1.9, Platelets 529, Cholesterol 345, Creatine Kinase 397,  IDEXX SDMA 19).  IVF of Lactated Ringers on D5W given at 30 ml/hr (Milo 's wt. 28 lbs.), 4 units of Insulin and Vitamin. B12 complex given.  Glucose down to 144, pee a lot that night.  Friday , Milo refused to walk far, started to notice weakness to his back legs. Went back for another session of Fluid Therapy at 30 ml per hour.  Glucose less than 160, no insulin given.  Back legs still weak, and still refusing to eat but able to consume almost 60 cc of shakes and 30 cc of smoothies using syringes to feed.  Saturday morning, he just want to sleep, checked his sugar, 644 and vet gave 2 units. Fluid therapy for 5 hours. Milo started drinking on his own but still refusing to eat. I checked his sugar last night,=401. Give 2 units of insulin as per vet instruction. Is Milo mismanaged..am at a lost//// Any suggestions?
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