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Need help w/canine Cushings QUICKLY PLEASE

Hello, My Jackapoo is almost 10y and Has Cushings Disease. I have already spent almost 1,000 for next to nothing in the way of help, so this is my/our last hope.
The first vet was 99% sure that she had Cushings disease and he said instead of doing the drawn out, lengthy test for it, in her case where it is more obvious pointing to definitely being that disease, he instead ruled out Thyroid and Diabetes.
I then tried taking her to another vet since our regular vet moved out of state, and thought i should get a 2nd opinion. Alrhough this vet agreed with the other vet, she wanted to rerun all of his tests again, HER way. This was already costing me another few hundred and I said that unless she could give me some type of medication to at least get her started on, then I wasn't going to retest her just so she could make more money.
Olivia is absolutely her normal self, happy as a clam...other than being almost twice her size from the water retention, excessive drinking and urination, and increased appetite (where she will now take your hand off without a thought, just to get a piece of something that smells yummy). The only other obvious sign is heavy breathing but the vets said her heart sounds fine, so I'm guessing having twice her weight is causing her breathing to be quite labored. Her coat is absolutely fine though, so they both were a bit perplexed over that. No signs of bald patches or thinning and is even growing normally. Her bowel movements are normal and everything else besides all of those things listed, that seem more frustrating for her (and me now, since she has ruined most of our beautiful hard wood floors since she seems to have poor aim on the peepee pads when I'm not home to be able to let her out very 3 hours or so). I don't have the heart to hold her water as I believe that it's the only way her body knows how to do "something".
I took her to be put down when she wasn't her happy self one day and figured that she had finally gotten to the point where it was making her miserable, but I couldn't do it and lo and behold by the next day, she was acting as if she were a spring chicken again!!! Then I thought about trying the homeopathic route as our last resort, or before she becomes miserable. Only now I have read up on so many different promised cures, that there are too many for me to choose from and I myself suffer from auto immune diseases that are extremely debilitating for me and painful and stress is a major pain inducer, so I'm trying my best here but will not take her to another vet- holistic or otherwise at this point and rather spend the money on natural remedies now since the other 2 potential ailments have been ruled out.
Can somebody please just maybe list me some recommendations, hopefully based on Olivias symptoms? I sure would appreciate it. I'm not done trying to help her, but I don't have the energy to think all of this out now. It was bad enough that I'm still paying off almost 20k of back surgery done on her son when my Autistic son threw an exercise ball towards him thinking it wouldn't hurt him because it was only a "ball" and he didn't understand that that ball was the same weight as our dog, so it damaged my dogs back and VCA wouldn't even give him pain meds til I agreed to pay for the entire procedure @13k. I had to do it because my son lost it once he saw how much our dog hurt and then realized what his actions caused so I didn't know what the ramifications to his mental stability would be if he knew he had caused him to die. My son was going through adolescence and I couldn't take the chance of it causing some type of irreversible damage to him, so I paid the 13k and then when it flared up the following year, VCA charged me an additional 7k JUST TO BABYSIT HIM for 2 days and didn't even give him pain meds. Them they kept my  $300 of a balance I had, refusing to give it back saying they'd just keep it on my acct. for future use! Them telling me this when they had initially refused to give my dog those pain meds when he was in so much pain when inforstbtook him in. I also had to contest several charges that they listed and I had proven they hadn't even done. Absolute shiesters. They are highway robbers and absolutely sick establishment since they prey on people's desperation of trying to help their animals who they know are like our family. Preying on people's emotional stability is absolutely disgusting and I felt the need to explain all of this so it is understood why I am stopping at 1,000 now for Olivia here, since all 3 has done NOTHING in the way of actually HELPING her- she never even got any medicine either since I wouldn't agree to duplicated testing that I had JUST finished doing! From what I've read though, it's probably best that she didn't get anything as it seems like all they do is prescribe chemo based drugs, which may have caused her condition to worsen.
Once again, thank you for reading this. It's really my first time posting so I hope I gave the pertinent information in order to receive whatever help we can. I'm hoping somebody will have a likewise conditioned canine who can maybe offer some advise on diet and homeopathic remedies, so I can buy them ASAP.
Thank you a thousand times over, and God bless all of you for even taking the time to read all of my written words that are being formed from thee most frustrated hurt of my excessively broken heart right now.
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