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Anal warts & anal cancer

Hey I'm a 22 year old gay male.. thus putting me in the higher risk category for contracting anal cancer.

So I found out two months ago I had GW/HPV... to be honest its destroyed my self confidence when it comes to being 'intimate' with anyone. I know who gave this to me as he knew he was infected and only told me when I started showing signs of it.. I couldn't live with myself if I put this burden on someone else.

So my point... is it possible to get screened for this cancer or am I being paranoid from reading too much info online?
I asked at the STI clinic and they said they can't find out what type of HPV I have and to just not worry about it. I suppose its a lot easier to say that when you aren't in that situation. I'm just terrified these warts can develop into something a lot more dangerous...

Guys/Girls in my situation.. I would really appreciate some feedback/advice/responses.
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Dear Rain2010,

                      I am also suffer from HPV high risk type...........but let me tell you what... Just go and do the treatment for your warts around ur anal, eat nutritious food, take vitamin tablets like vitamin c,etc, and make ur immune system to be stronger..........if ur immune system is stronger n doing well within 2 yr.........HPV can be disappeared ........ cheer up dun be scare ............. da chance of getting anal cancer is like 2% so take care of yourself....... by the time when I saw the warts inside my penis I m also scare .......but i m fine now..... go n get the treatment for warts first............take care : )
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I am in the same situation as you.

HPV is not the end of the world, and considering how common it is you shouldn't be stressed out about it so much.

We all go through the same amount of stress, emotions, and recovery when we first are diagnosed with HPV, and its one of those things that you just have to accept, treat and move on with your life. I got HPV from the 2nd person I ever had sex with, so it goes to show you that anyone can get/have it.

I've had multiple sessions of cryotherapy for external, had electro fulguration for internal, had sigmoidoscopys, and even gone into surgery. I have not had any outbreaks since my last session of cryo, and I remain hopeful that i won't ever have to but am not considering myself "in the clear" yet.

But like everyone says, majority of people clear the virus within 2 years, so really the only thing you can do is to treat what you can, change your diet/health if possible and don't let it affect your life. Depending on where you live you CAN get anal pap smears, and can request coloscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy to look for anal problems.
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