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Are these Genital Warts? (IMAGES) - HPV

I found a post online of somebody with these bumps around his penis. He claims he and his wife have been faithful for 4 years and suggests that they aren't warts. What else could they be?

Image: https://imgur.com/8PcJ0ov

I am asking this because they look very similar to what I have but mine are far smaller and unnoticeable unless I shine a light against them sideways. I only have about 3 at any given time.

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What do you mean by, "about 3 at any given time."?  
Hi, apologies for late response I thought it would notify me via email. I normally will freeze them off myself just incase they are warts, to prevent them from spreading.

My spots are like the guy's in the picture but I'm not covered in them. I might see 2 or 3 pop up every month or so sometimes longer.
They always appear around that area although I do get one on under my sack. Never had them on the shaft
Sorry, didn't see this reply, either. I'm no expert on al the alternatives for warts so all I can say is they look like warts to me and the fact that they reappear every month or so sounds like them, too. How long has this been going on? My warts have been very small, too. The largest are never large than a quarter of a pencil eraser.
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If you really think those might be genital warts, then my best advice to you would be to start taking a supplement called AHCC. it straightens your immune system to kill the virus from the inside. I wish someone would have told me that back then.
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I did try it for a few months and stopped but feel to try it again. How many MG did you take?
Can anyone recommend which  AHCC to take?

I have been diagnosed with Genital warts and I think it is effecting my mouth to.
Hi, the study that showed AHCC to be effective used the kinoko AHCC brand however they are really expensive. The test used about 2.5g/day.

I've just bought 4 months worth and will take 2.1g per day and will take 1.5g/day Kinoko brand and 600mg of a cheaper one.
That photo specifically doesn't appear to be anything more than inflamed sebaceous hair follicles. To add, to my knowledge, AHCC is only effective in combating HPV, not HSV.

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