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Can you have HPV low-risk without having genetal warts?

I was just recently diagnosed with having hpv yesterday. Safe to say my day consisted of panic attacks haha. I’ve been trying to remind myself that a majority of people have had, have, or gets hpv at some point. The nurse never told me over the phone whether it’s low or high risk. All she said was that it showed abnormal cells and something about lesions inside. While doing the Pap smear, the PA never said anything about genital warts. Is it possible to have low-risk hpv without having genital warts?
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I don’t know much about HPV,but I too was recently diagnosed. I found this website online that gave me some comfort, which I will put at the end. ALLOT of people have HPV and whether it is low risk or high risk it doesn’t ALWAYS mean it’s cancerous.  So if I were you, I suggest not worrying either way. Keep yourself healthy, try to work out, and take probiotics.

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