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Chicken pox and HPV... When it cured no more warts?

As we studied at science class, who once go after chicken fox, there will be no more.

As chicken fox is a virus and HPV is too, does it works same?

I got genital warts in urethra and got surgery when i was 21

Caused by ex-girlfriend but met 3y and after surgery there was no recurrence

I am now 26 and last year I had a new girlfriend

Yesterday however i found out that my girlfriend got genital warts

Would it caused by my virus?

Will it last forever in my body?

As a chicken fox, is there no chance for me to get warts again?

It goes hard time for me again

Sorry for my short english

Thank you
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Both chicken pox and HPV remain in the body forever. People can get shingles from the chicken pox virus, decades later. Most people who have HPV make the virus dormant and they never get more warts. No one knows who is in this category of people who don't get more warts.

It is possible that your GF did get the virus from you but not likely. If she had been sexually active before you, then she cannot really tell. No one can point to any partner or any sex act and say this is the one that infected me.

On the bright side, you and your current GF share the same strains of this virus. After her warts goes away, you and her can have all of the unsafe sex you want because you cannot re-infect each other. During her recovery period, she should not have sex or you should wear a condom because latex condoms help with recovery from warts.

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