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Could this be HPV?

Back in June I had unprotected sex with this guy. About a week later my labia minora swelled up and I had discharge. I learned I had a yeast infection.

Then I started to notice these tiny stalks on my labia minora like a small amount around 3 or four. I went to my university's health center and she claimed on of the bumps looked warty. She also said if I didn't believe her to schedule an appointment with her coworker. So I did and her coworker thought it was normal and they would go away. Afterwards I met with an actual gyno and he said them to be because of the yeast infection. Once I noticed they did not go away I went to see him again and he looked and said they were skin tags. After I went to planned parenthood they did the vinegar test and the person I met with said they were skin tags. Soon a few weeks after it seemed a few more were starting to appear. So I go to my gyno and then he's like okay now this must be warts. So he cuts one off to do a biopsy and then he says to me how one of the skin tags the last time he looked he wasn't able to tell if it was a skin tag or something else. What do you guys think? Also, I've even had the vaccines. I've just been waiting back for my results but since my gyno is out the office for a month it is taking forever. I've accepted the fact I may have them and want to help my immune system clear the virus.
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Sounds like you'll get your answer as soon as the biopsy comes back.  If you can, post here the result just to help those who may search this forum in the future.  Thanks.  
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