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Genital Warts, Hemorrhoids, Skin Tags, or what?!

This may be lengthy, but please bear with me. I've read many posts in here and can empathize with so much anxiety, stress, and almost physically sickening feelings when you discover something and don't know what's going on with your body. I'm going to try to break down my situation as briefly but thoroughly as possible, because, well - really I don't know how to feel any better about things right now & searching for any insight from any avenue possible.

First off, I'm a 29 yr old female, I've had 2 sexual partners this year, in Feb. & in Sept.
Approximately a month ago, I noticed these few bump type things around my anus. However, I can't really be for certain if since they have grown or multiplied exactly, if so, barely. I know it doesn't matter, but for the record, I've never had anal sex.
With that said, I began somewhat internally freaking out, and while it's not as bad, I still cry here and there at the thoughts of what it might be, and the fact that I'm not even that sexually active and could have contracted something, though I obviously know it only takes one time.
So, late Sept. I finally broke down and went to the gynecologist and had my yearly exam along with and STD test. I'm not sure how prominent these bumps were at that time, and maybe I should've asked, but I didn't and she didn't say anything about them if she saw them. Regardless, my pap was normal, and I tested negative for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, trichomoniasis, and - I'm not sure if I recall everything but at any rate it all came back negative. I asked her "what about HPV?" And she said because the pap was normal they didn't do any further testing. I asked what I could do to get that done and she told me to wait until next year and specifically ask for it, said that any other tests wouldn't be covered by insurance so it would be best to wait until then. I don't particularly like this answer but not sure what I can do.
Alright, well so at this point, all I can conclude is it seems as if I'm STD-free in those categories, but that there's something definitely going on with these bumps and as much as I hate it, I guess my only option is to go to my PCP and say "Hey, I've got some weird bumps that I don't know if are warts, hemorrhoids, or what is going on?" And hope they diagnose it correctly from there. God, I hate the thought of doing this. =/

However, for what it's worth, let me mention some factors that make me even mention hemorrhoids, etc. Quick medical background: I had my gallbladder out when I was 22. I wasn't raised on an ideal diet and therefore haven't maintained one as an adult (though it's part of something I'm working at now). Point is, for about 7-ish years, I have had constant irregular bowel movements, mostly loose and best described as when a meal 'goes right through you'... Though - in the last year, approx. Jan - July/Aug, I had been constipated more than I can recall ever being in my entire life, accompanied by the need to urinate but nothing occurring. Mostly the constipation has been something odd for me and I don't mean to be graphic but it was almost like a 'packed' type of constipation... times that I had tried or strained for so long I just had to stop and try later. Some pain was associated at times, along with some bright blood spots on the tissue, but aside from that nothing that seemed 'too' alarming, and it passed. As a side note, there were a few medications I had been put on that I suspect contributed to this, but I can't be for certain. At any rate, so I have searched things and came across anal fissures, hemorrhoids, skin tags, um... several other things including but not limited to signs of Crohn's disease. In regards to Crohn's disease, it was somewhat interesting that many of the symptoms I think I've had, but - they could also be common, too. :/ Thing is, the information I've read have also stated there being external type hemorrhoids that can be caused or worsened by a long term occurrence of lose bowels, but yet at the same time, the bump type things could also be from where the bowels leak per straining in constipation situations... Obviously, I just don't know.

Now, I know, I know, a doctor would be able to (hopefully) properly diagnose and perhaps provide a solution to my confusion and concerns. But, I guess I also want you all's opinions and maybe to learn something I don't know.

So, I don't know. To better define the bumps, they protrude a bit, a couple on each side (left/right), don't have any or much pain, itch sometimes mainly after and I don't believe are discolored. Furthermore, my anus appears bluish/purple and swollen, I can't tell or not sure to determine if anything looks like a fissure or specific hemorrhoid. Also, this is odd and I'm not sure if I can describe it correctly... but sometimes, particularly when I go to bed at night, there's this sensation of movement or spasms, like - I don't know, something's moving in my anus. I almost liken it to pinworms I recall as a child, that feeling of just like something is in there and moving - but anyway, I don't 'think' it's nightly, but often. Additionally, I was attempting to inspect as best I could with a handheld mirror about a week ago, and when I strained a bit, from bending or whatever, there was some sort of... lighter flesh colored, thing, that began to protrude out of my anus... barely, and I couldn't get a good look at it, but I believe is what the pictures of internal hemorrhoids look like in the pictures I've seen. Not certain, but perhaps. And while not the worst pain in the world, there has been intermittent pain during bowel movements and I've been irregular but trying to help it by taking Fibercon and stool softener. Maybe pointless, I don't know.

So as you can tell... I don't know what to think with so much going on. I'm not trying to justify or rationalize anything, but more so not let myself get carried away with paranoia. Be it whatever it may be, I will have to deal with it.
The bumps are there, there's no denying that fact, but I can't see well enough. I realize it doesn't have to be this way, but I don't think I see any cauliflower shape to them, but again, they are there. I've taken some pics to try and see it more closely, and sometimes I think it may be similar looking to anal warts, and others I don't. But, they can all be different, I know.

Well... I think that sums up most of it. If I think of anything else or if anyone reading this might have any kind of question, please ask, I'm more than happy to clarify.

Again, thoughts, opinions, and feedback are greatly appreciated in advance. And I appreciate you letting me get this off my chest and articulated a bit. I look forward to any correspondence you may have.

My best of wishes to you all.

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i think hemorrhoids are due to subclinical hpv.. just my iwn experience and observation
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Wow.  You literally just articulated the EXACT symptoms I have been suffering from, for the past year, or so.  Similarly, I am on meds that cause constipation...and I never take softeners or laxatives, out of fear that I'll be stuck in traffic, or commuting to or from work when they take effect.  That being said, I've had terrible hemorrhoids, due to that.  And, same thing...when I do have a (painful) movement, I always find blood on the tissue...and almost nothing else.  The actual movement I made seems to be compacted together, almost like a fossil, for lack of a better comparison.  My only fear is whether or not I could have possibly contracted warts (which would be virtually miraculous) or if the external hems could possible look like tiny fissures.  Please let me know if you ever got to the bottom of it!!
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Ok, thank you for your reply. Am I to understand that a wart could not be HPV? I thought any type of genital warts is some strain of HPV... Was yours identified, if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks again.
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Go see a proctologist.  I had a bump back there too. He removed it and it was my only wart. Ask the doctor to biopsy it and provide the strain type if the diagnosis is HPV. I see a proctologist every year now for peace of mind. Sounds like you should too.
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