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Genital warts clearance

The doc told me I had a small case of GW in April. I started Aldara which was awful. Open sores flu like symptoms the lot
Within 3 weeks they were gone! I guess my question now is will they return? Can I resume my sex life? My GP has said once they gone it's fine and are unlikely to return and if they do my body should rid the virus in 2 years though If my immune system is weak it could take longer. Any one who has been wart free for a while I'd love to hear your advice on this.
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Please anyone
If you were diagnosed in April with your first-ever genital wart outbreak, then you are not done having outbreaks. You can expect to have an outbreak of one to multiple warts every two weeks to three months for about a year. In some cases, people have outbreaks for as long as two years, but that is pretty rare. The majority experience outbreaks for approximately one year. I wouldn't worry about the cream. I would wait til you have another outbreak, and then go to a dermatologist or to your doctor or sexual health professional to have them removed with liquid nitrogen or electrocauterization. Once you've gone 6 months without having any more outbreaks, you can begin to be optimistic that perhaps you are over your outbreak period. You can have sex with condoms during this this time and certainly after 6 months with no outbreak, you can have sex with a condom . After you have gone one year without any outbreaks, you can consider yourself over the contagious period. That's when you can begin to resume a normal sex life with whatever safety decisions you want to make. Before that, however, you do stand the chance of spreading the virus to others because you are for sure contagious during that first year, and perhaps still somewhat contagious while you're waiting for your year anniversary of no new outbreaks.
Thanks for answering. I will  continue to pray to God they don't come back! It's been 4 months now.

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