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Genital warts for over 4 years, please help....

Hello. About four years ago I felt something down there, went to the doctor and was diagnosed with genital warts. He put some kind of dark brown liquid on them and cut them off with scissors. They came back a bit later, got them frozen off. Came back again, Aldara. Came back again, tried other prescription treatments. Eventually I'd go back to earlier things like the Aldara, but they just keep persisting.

So here I am four years later and I'm still getting them... They don't seem to stay away for more than a few months (I did actually go almost 6 months without one, but then they came back again). They generally don't come back in the same place, they pop up in a new place. I typically only have one or two at a time, sometimes three or four at a time. Sometimes they look like califlower, sometimes it's more like a skin tag.

I didn't have health insurance for a while so I had to figure out how to remove them myself. I've been lighting a match, blowing the flame out, then burning the warts off. This seems to work pretty well and it's not really any more painful than having them frozen off. They blister up and sometimes there's a scab. So far I haven't noticed any scarring that doesn't eventually go away.

90% of people "clear" it within 2 years from what I've been told by doctors/dermatologists and have read online. So my question is this; since I've had it for 4 years now is there any hope at all my immune system will eventually figure them out? Am I doomed to constantly have them for life? What are the statistics on people who have had them for 4+ years? Thanks in advance for any advice or info you can help with. Oh, also I don't have any immune system issues except for one which is hypothyroidism, but it's well under control (my TSH was very recently tested at 2.43) and has been for the past 8 years.
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This sounds scary
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did you shave? Reinfection?
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Some of them may just be skin tag as u said. All diagnosed by doctor?
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No shaving. The ones the initial doctor cut off with scissors were also similar to a skin tag. Other doctors/dermatologists froze off ones that looked like califlower. Some of the early skin tag looking ones would turn to black and just fall off on their own, but I haven't seen that happen again in a long time. I'm pretty certain it's just the same old thing popping up in new places. I'll also add that I'm a heterosexual male in my late 30s.
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