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HPV 16 abnormal pap and vulva lesions

Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with hpv 16 from both an abnormal test result and a PCR swab and biopsy on lesions on my vulva. Condylomas can be due to high risk types despite of what people say! Usually they are flat warts. Did anyone have a similar experience? I always had protected intercourse so wonder how the virus got in the internal mucosa. My ex boyfriend did the test in the urethra and was negative... is this reliable? Because then it means that I got it with a one night of protected sex with another guy. Or at my gynechologist. Does anyone know what is the percentage of regression for hpv 16 abnormal paps? They told me to go back in 6 months but also that this hpv 16 rarely goes into regression so I do not understand why they wait so much to treat the cervix. Isn't it better like with warts to just treat it immediately?
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