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I have what I think they are anal warts

Hi, this is very embarrassing naturally. I noticed I developed some what looks like light gray little pimples in my anus. I'm very self concern because I'm gay and I'm a bottom. I am a healthy person, maybe sexually active but carefully and always use condoms. Some time ago I developed, what it looked like a pimple, only it didn't pop. I ignored it and it went away. Now a couple of months later it's back but now there are more. I shaved with the razor and after a week they showed up. I'd like to post a picture but I don't think this forum let's me. They do not hurt, nor I feel inflammation.  I'd like to know if I can get over the counter treatment. I already emailed my doctor, but I'm eager for an answer. I don't know what they are.
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Condoms do not provide much protection. They do not cover the scrotum, men's thighs and their anus area. They don't even cover the bottom of the penis as they can't roll down that far. So just so you know, there is no such thing as safe sex. Condoms provide 50% protection against HPV and Herpes but this doesn't mean that half of the time you are safe or not safe. Condoms are meant for preventing STDs that travel in fluids like HIV.  The only safe sex is no sex.

There are no over the counter treatments for HPV warts, assuming this is what you have. Please see a proctologist or a dermatologist to determine what they are or aren't. Gay men are getting anal smears since some have anal sex and are bottoms. The smear can detect the virus. Not every doctor gives this test. You should see a proctologist, IMO since they specialize in the anal area. The doctor can remove the bumps and biopsy one. Or he can prescribe creams to remove anal warts. Good luck!
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