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I think I might have HPV

My boyfriend and I were both virgins when we had sex is that even possible for me to have it ? I want to go in and get tested for it because I’m really sure I have it but if I do dose that mean I got it from him? Dose that mean he cheated? Or can you just get it
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What makes you really sure you it?  Are you experiencing symptoms consistent with HPV warts?  Virgins are rare contractors of HPV, but since it's a skin to skin transfer, you can contract the virus without having sex such as genital to genital contact without penetration.  It is possible to get HPV from your first ever sexual contact that involves genital to genital contact (the most common way) 0r mouth to genital contact (much less common), but the likelihood of getting it from a first time experience isn't high.  Your risk goes up significantly the more partners one has.  
Me and him were both virgins and then started having sex together for the first time and yesterday I seen a wart looking thing that looked exactly like the HPV warts in online pictures but I looked again today and now it’s gone ..idk what’s going on I want to get tested for it
I haven’t had any other parents but him
Well, if it's a bump that is now gone then that isn't warts. Warts don't do that. One thing to know about sex is that it can really do some temporary "damage" to your genitals. There's a lot of pounding going on! You will notice some effects of that physical intensity that resolve shortly thereafter so perhaps that's all you had going on. If they disappeared, I'd think that's the case. Anyway, if they didn't go away, you could have them visually checked out or biopsied for a definitive answer, but if they're gone now then you can't get tested for warts. If they truly are gone, I'd relax about it and bank on it just being con the sex.
I put tee tree oil on it and then when I woke up it was Gone but just to be on the safe side I want to get the shot and stuff I think but if I do have them is that even possible because me and my boyfriend were both virgins when we started having sex
If it disappeared then it's not a wart.  Tea tree oil won't do squat for a wart.  Neither will vinegar.  I'd wager you just banged yourself up a bit down there having sex and as you recovered, the bumps went away.  I would def recommend getting the vaccine as it protects you from the most common high-risk HPV strains that in rarer cases can lead to cervical cancer.  It also protects against a couple/few strains of the low-risk, wart causing HPV I think, as well.  Def get those shots.  

Anyway.  If any bumps come back, go straight to planned parenthood or a dermatologist or your doctor to have them checked out.  If you absolutely have to know if any new bumps are indeed HPV beyond a shadow of a doubt, then you must have one biopsied.  If I were you, I'd relax on the convinced fear you have warts since your bumps are gone now and that's not what HPV does so you're probably all good.  Just be safe out there!
Well if I went in and get checked out and I do have it how would have I gotten it if me and my were both virgins when we started having sex and I haven’t had any parents since him?!!
I thought you said the bumps were gone? If they are, you have nothing to get checked out. I wouldn't address any "what ifs" if you don't have any bumps to get looked at. If you have no bumps, then you don't have warts present to diagnose so, being a virgin, you probably don't have hpv.

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