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LSIL (Cin1) for 4 years - has anyone cleared it?

Hey guys,
I have been getting abnormal pap results for 4 years.  Sometimes clear, sometimes ACUS and sometimes LSIL.  They will go back and forth.  It went from LSIL to normal to LSIL to ACUS to LSIL and is LSIL again.  I've had many colposcopies, none with biopsies, as my gyno has seen nothing to biopsy when performing the colpo.  I've asked about a LEEP and she's said that if it gets worse, that is what she will be doing, but nothing shows on the colpos.  Really, that there's nothing to do.  I do agree, in that I don't want to get a LEEP if I don't have to.  I'm 31 years old and would possibly like to have a child, without difficulties.  My immune system is a bit slower than others (I also had chronic yeast infections for 3 years, but those have now been clear for almost 2 years, thank goodness) and a toenail infection that lasted 2 years and eventually cleared up.  I take folic acid and red marine algae and I eat lots of spinach.  I don't drink or smoke and get 8 hours of sleep per night, but am a SUPER stressed person.  My doctor genuinely believes it is stress that is suppressing my immune system from clearing the virus.  She believes that because I am still "young", my body can clear the virus.

I'm wondering if anyone here has been through this for such a significant period of time and cleared it themselves?
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