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Possible Genital Warts

So I have been worried sick for about 2-3 months of these new little skin tag like things I have in my vulva and going into my vaginal canal. Sometimes they itch and sometimes they do not. It is off and on. I will itch for a week and then it will stop for a few weeks and come back. About a week ago I noticed more of the skin tag things appearing and some growing longer. Some are in lines and others are in groups but they do not look like any genital warts I have googled, but I am still scared. They are pink (skin colored) not gray and are not hard. They are very soft and look like little pimples minus the pus. I also have a white discharge and the smell is fishy sometimes. To help the itching I have been using vagisil itch cream, which burns when I apply it, but then settles down. I wash regularly with Summers Eve feminine wash and do not shave my pubic hair I only trim it back. I am sexually active and use protection every time, birth control and condoms. I know that they are not 100 percent. I'm very worried these are genital warts and will be going to a doctor asap, but I would like some information if possible before I go. Thanks!
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here is a picture of them so you guys can help me out! again thanks!

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what kind of information do you want?  Pictures are not a good way to diagnose anything.  Get tested by your GYN asap.

If you need some data on HPV, go to


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