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Shiny pink hard bump near vagina (PIC!)


My ex boyfriend (2.5 years ago) had genital warts. I got tested this april, multiple doctors looked at me during this period of time - no one noticed anything strange. HPV test is negative, I also got vaccinated. Also I am checking myself down there very often, because I am still very anxious about it.
This week one hard pink bump (2-3 mm) appeared there, and it doesn't want to go away. I am very afraid, because it doesn't look like ingrown hair pimple. Also I had sex before, I was very wet and I didn't wipe, could this be the cause? Does it look like wart to you? https://postimg.cc/7bWrTD7B

It isn't painful to touch. Also how long does it take for warts to grow? Because I am pretty sure it wasn't there a week or so ago. Hopefully you can put my mind to ease! Thank you very much for your answers!
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It can be anything, wart can also start off like that.. best thing to do now is to go to a physician and get it properly diagnosed..
And treated as soon as possible if confirmed to be a wart to prevent the spread.
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Can they grow so fast? 2-3 mm in one week? Thank you for your answer!
Yes, they can grow that fast. Joe's correct, though. There is nothing definitive we can do to diagnose you here. Your only option is to see a dermatologist or some other professional.

However, did you say you had just had sex prior to this bump? Warts take at least a week to appear, and usually longer than that, like weeks to months.
Yes, prior to bump, and I was really wet, and I didn't wash afterwards. Also, I think is shrinking in size, but I am not sure. I don't think it was even a week, but I am scared, because it didn't go away for 5 days... Thanks Thanks for the answers!
Well, I have my doubts that it's HPV based on how soon it appeared, but then again, my first wart appeared 8 days or so after my exposure which is awfully quick compared to most. I'm willing to bet you just got a little bit beat up down there and had a little bump here and it's going to go down and you'll be fine. If it's not gone in a week or two, then you'll have to make an appointment to get it looked at. Best of luck :-)
Thank you for advice and sharing your experiences with me! Appreciate it! Good luck to you too!

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