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Skin HPV on the Testicles and Groin? Is it possible??


I am a male who recently spotted one wart like shaped spot on my right testicle, and then spotted another between my groin and thighs. I went to a dermatologist in a non english speaking nation, so could not really tell the whole story. But he confirmed that it is indeed hpv warts. He however said that it is unclear if it is sexually transmitted or not, and that it could be skin HPV not mucus HPV (which he said normall appears on the shaft). He even said you could touch something with your hand then later infect that area, and that hpv is very common (which I always knew).

My question however is: could warts that appear on the testicles be just a skin form of hpv and not sexually transmitted? Or rather not sexually contracted in the first place by the person that gave it to me? I ask because I have only been with one partner over the past year. We had a short breakup though where she did have an encounter with someone but they used protection she says. I know that HPV can be contracted by mere contact though and so protection is not fully effective against it. So basically I would like to know: if I did receive those couple of warts on my testicles and groin as a result of her contracting this because of her one experience, or could it somehow be an odd freak contraction where for instance she touched something with her hand or i touched something with my hands in public or so on which carried the virus?

The timing of her encounter and the symptoms im having now do match because her encounter(our breakup) was 3 months ago, and i only started showing those warts 1-2 weeks ago.

Please let me know for my peace of mind.
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Unfortunately, the answers are yes and yes (as far as i know, cmiiw)

Yes, without visible symptoms she can still pass the virus to you. Now i dont know if after 2 years (after we create our own HPV-antibody to force the virus stay dormant) we can still pass the virus to our sex partner. But obviously, before then, we can still pass the virus EVEN without visible warts.

And yes, it's possible you have those warts (right testicle and thigh) FROM a sexual encounter. I am speaking about this with my own experience. Ever since i got HPV, it always jumped off. Sometimes above the penis, sometimes on the scrotum, sometimes even in the groin/thigh area just like you (although very rarely, mostly on the penis itself)
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I forgot to add that she doesn't have any form of visible symptoms. So can she still catch then pass on the virus without showing symptoms of it?
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