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What are some great ways to treat genital warts?

As of the new year I noticed the occurrence of some very small, slightly raised, greyish spots on my penis and scrotum. They do not itch or irritate. These look identical to genital warts I can see in an image search. Let's assume that I do have genital warts. What are the best methods to get rid of them? I ordered Vidarox creme and after 2 weeks I'm not sure I'm seeing any noticeable results.

Also, what are the chances these will re-occur?
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What country do you live in? If you have access to affordable health care, the best thing to do is is go to a dermatologist or doctor and have them removed with liquid nitrogen or some other method. If it's indeed warts which are very common, you may get more every several weeks to months. Keep going in and having them removed until you've gone six months to a year without anything new. Your immune system likely will have suppressed outbreaks at that point. You shouldn't be contagious anymore after that.
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