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skin tag or HPV wart?

So, im 90% sure that what i have is a skin tag, however after telling my friend she put doubts in my mind that maybe it could be HPV. Firstly, i need to clarify i am 17 and a virgin who has never had genital to genital contact.
When ibwas 13 i had thrush really bad and as a result i developed fleshy pink, painless flaps of skin bellow the enterance of my vagina where the labia minora join. Im pressuming its due to scratching and irritation when i had thrush. They dont cause any problems.but are unsighly. I been applying tea tree oil which supposidly removes them. I been applying it for 2 weeks and they seem to be a little harder than before but are still pink and the same size.
I will visit the doctors if the tea tree oil doesnt work but i need clarification that it is likely to be a skin tag? Is there any better home treatments for them?
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if you've never been naked with someone, it's not a genital wart!!

since you aren't sexually active and are still young, have you had your gardasil shot series for hpv to protect you when you are older and are sexually active?

TTO , if it works at all, can take months before you see any difference.  be seen, get a proper diagnosis and go from there.

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Thanks :)

No i havnt and wont be having the shot as when i was younger i had a shot for something (cant remember exactly what) and had a server reaction to it due to my allergies which left me with server athsma which i only recently got under control. So im not risking that again unless it is a medical emergancy.

Thank you for informing me about TTO. I wasnt sure how long it uaually taakes to work so that put my mind at rest a little. Ill visit the dr if i dont see much of an improvment in the next few weeks :D
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you can talk to your pulmonary doc about vaccines. they aren't something to avoid and you can get preservative free versions of them all. you also should be getting yearly influenza vaccines too if you have asthma.  

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Ye maybe, but given the fact that its vaccines that caused the problem in the first place, im sure you can understand my reservations. I did have an influenza vaccine ones and it left me with agonising migranes for a week. Really, im not comfy having manufacured crap pumped into my body just because doctors recomend it.  

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