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metoprolol 25mg x2 started week ago my My PR 54-58 Is this PR too low ?

Is this pulse rate too low ?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp and the Blood Pressure forum.  Thanks for your question.  Since you have begun a new medication and have a concern, it is best to call your doctor for advice.  In the mean time, a normal pulse rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.  You are just below normal, it seems.

Beta blockers will decrease your pulse rate. Do you know what your heart rate was prior to taking metoprolol?  They do not recommend this medication for people who have a history of fainting from a slow heart rate prior to taking the medication. https://www.drugs.com/metoprolol.html  You'll also notice from this information on the medication that it does have slow heart rate or pulse as a side effect.  What is too low?  Your range may be acceptable but you should verify this with your doctor.  Let us know what they say.
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My doctor said as long as it doesn’t fall below 50 I am fine if it bothers me because I feel a little tired I can cut my dose in half.   I told her I want a second opinion. My pulse normally runs in the 80s.  I have a episode where my blood pressure went up to 196/99 and my pulse was 112 last week and it seems I have a little anxiety going on.   I’m just questioning whether I should be on another type of blood pressure medication that doesn’t lower your pulse rate so much I am new to this and it’s exhausting already
If I get stressed or uptight it might shoot up that high but my normal pressure is in the 140s over 80s that’s why I don’t understand why that started happening and it does come back down it doesn’t stay up there on its own even before I started taking blood pressure meds
It can be a fine balance of finding the right medication.  All have pro's and con's.  Here are a couple of articles regarding how to choose the best blood pressure medication. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/in-depth/high-blood-pressure-medication/art-20046280 and https://www.goodrx.com/blog/choosing-your-blood-pressure-medication-what-type-is-best/.

Sometimes it is hard to trust our doctor.  I would suspect they are well trained in treating hypertension and have prescribed what they feel is the right choice for you in terms of medications.  But if you lack trust, you are your own advocate and certainly, a second opinion about something so serious is not unreasonable.  If it gives you peace of mind, then by all means, seek the second opinion.  

Unfortunately, for some, blood pressure issues are simply genetic.  Do any lifestyle changes help you such as regular exercise?  And anxiety plays a role as well, so working on decreasing your stress level is imperative.  I know that is not always possible though. We all try to do our best.  

Let us know what you decide if you will seek a second opinion.  At the very least, a follow up conversation with your treating physician with your concerns would be wise.  
My doctor took me off Metoprolol and put me on amlodipine besylate.   That first medication I was only on a week  just messed me up  It took a couple days for things to stabilize.  for the last week I feel normal blood pressure is low and stable.  
Thanks for the update!  So glad you are working with your doctor to find the best match in medication.  Let us know how the new one is doing and we wish you success in your better health journey!
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