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Good day everyone. I have been on blood pressure meds since I was 17 years old, currently 36. My question is can you lower just the top number without lowering the bottom? (I assume not).
I have an average blood pressure of 135-140/65-75 on medication.  I would like to see my systolic pressure in normal ranges 115-120 without lower the diastolic pressure any more than it is. Any reason as to why the top number is 15-20 points higher than it should be where as the bottom is 10-15 points lower ? Any info and advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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So, I have the hereditary hypertension issue and it sounds like you do as well. (since you were diagnosed so young). Question, how is your weight? I'm on medication and it will keep me in the 130 (ish) range. BUT, if I lose weight and exercise regularly, it WILL go lower for the top number and the other isn't effected. Does weight change your readings at all or exercise? Have you ever tracked that? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/in-depth/high-blood-pressure/art-20046974  Even on medication, you can try some control methods in terms of lifestyle to see if it helps. In general, medication is going to lower both numbers.
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