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Are there blood pressure medications that are easier on the kidneys?

I thought I submitted this, but not seeing that in my account?  Anyway, I'm 70 and have had declining kidney function (creatinine from 1.0 about 10 years ago to 1.4 average and BUN 25-35 last four or five). The nephrologist I had been seeing for a few years said I didn't have to see him any more unless the blood test levels changed, as they have been stable, as well as no issues in the urine.  

I've read calcium channel blockers, specifically, are contraindicated for those with chronic kidney disease. I am currently on that per another physician.  I am also on an angiotensen II drug, which I've been told is good for kidneys.

Question:  Should I be concerned about taking the calcium channel blocker with poor kidney function, but not diagnosed with CKD?
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Another positive result to report for lisinopril (ACE inhibitor),have been on it for 25 years or so with no kidney issues and it works well.
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Hello! FWIW, I've been on Lisinopril for 12 years and recent blood tests reveal no problems anywhere.
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Hi, thanks for that.  Are you speaking of kidney issues?  Your med is controlling your blood pressure well too?
Yes it is working fine and the kidney issues were multiple stones. An issue that I inherited.
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Hello and thank you for your question.  Sorry for the delay in response.  If someone has chronic kidney issues, often ACE inhibitors is a good class of medications for treatment.  https://www.renalandurologynews.com/home/news/nephrology/chronic-kidney-disease-ckd/ace-inhibitors-may-be-a-better-option-for-ckd-patients/.

We recommend in your case to work with your doctor.  They are not concerned about kidney disease?  Calcium channel blockers work well for hypertension and is it controlling this for you?  I would speak to your doctor regarding your concerns and if switching classes of medications makes sense in your case.  Your nephrologist and your cardiologist do not feel you have chronic kidney disease?  However, I do understand your concern.  Please speak about that with your doctor.
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