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Borderline hypertension, does exercise really control it?

Has anyone had luck keeping off of blood pressure medication through exercise and diet?  Or is it a given you will be on medication once you are borderline?  Thoughts?
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Yes! Doing meditation or some yoga or exercises can really control hypertension. A single workout can reduce blood pressure for an entire day, and regular exercise can keep the pressure down for the long run.
It's amazing how the body responds. Then the hope becomes is it enough.
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Yes, it is possible to reduce as well as prevent high blood pressure by regular physical exercise. One very good method to control your blood pressure and reduce medication is going for regular walks. For early hypertension-also termed Pre-Hypertension, this is the medication. It is possible to do away with medicines with a daily walking routine for at least 150 minutes a day.
There are also other preventive methods such as Yoga and Meditation.
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