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Coreg 25mg with or without food

I was taking 100mg atenolol without food for hypertension but my glucose went up so my doctor switched me to Coreg 25mg twice a day. He said it does not matter if you take it with or without food. All i keep reading is to take with food....it is confusing
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One of the BP meds I take daily is generic Coreg 25mgs, twice daily. I too noticed it says to take with food, which I did until I had been on it for a month - then I tried taking it a few times without food. I had no change in any side effects (dizziness. etc), so for me, it doesn't seem to matter -but then again, it's only one of 3 BPmeds I'm currently taking to control my BP, so that may be a factor as well.
Generally speaking, taking a med with food means a slower absorption rate of the med, which can help ease some side effects.
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That makes sense.  I tend to just take my losartin regardless without thinking about food, if I ate or not.  Never really thought about it. But my son has a cocktail of medications for his mental health and we try to take it with food for the slow absorption reason.
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I think medication can be very confusing.  Like as well.  With food, without, or just stay consistent.  My son takes a medication that is specific WITH food and also another that says you pick with food or without food, but stay consistent with it. I think Coreg, from my reading, is food optional but the recommendation is that with food is better because it slows the rate of absorption.  This is to prevent orthostatic hypotension (this is when bp drops and you get dizzy when you stand up).  If you aren't having that problem by not taking it with food, then  may not be a worry for you.  

My son takes medications as I said and one is with food.  I tell ya, it's so much easier not to worry about food with it so I understand why this is a big deal.  What about taking it at a certain time of day that you normally eat? With dinner or with breakfast?
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