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Diastolic high??

I think I need to revise my last entry. Does anyone know why my diastolic will not go below 94. My PCP has tried lisinopril, then we doubled dosage, and at my last visit we changed mess. Now I'm taking benicar/HCT.
Guess I'm just worried about underlying issues? Essential vs. secondary.
I'm 52 yrs old.
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I have the same problem, nobody knows.  I can get numbers from 110/90 to 145/110.  The bottom number is a beast.
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Mine is the top number dk why either I'm 24 150's/70s
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Have them try a bigger cuff on your arm, when taking your blood pressure. Both my sister and my husband have been incorrectly diagnosed with high blood pressure for YEARS. My husband's doctor said it was likely because the nurses were too lazy to switch to the bigger cuff... Something to think about.
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