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Does body develop tolerance to beta blocker over time?

I am healthy 23 years old male, who is suffering from GAD and it's causing my heart rate with blood pressure very high. The only medication that works from what I tried is metoprolol tartrate. I started off by taking 2x 25mg. After 1 year my cardio let me increase the dosage to 50 mg x2, but everytime I increase the dosage it seems to work perfectly for the first weeks and then again it does not work well anymore. Does body develop tolerance to beta blockers? Do you need to take more and more of this medication to get same effect?I have found so many different answers, some doctors say NO, you don't develop tolerance to beta blockers because it has no effect on CNS, others say you might. Millions of people take these meds, so I am sure someone has to know the answer. I am very much worried that they just stop working :(
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I  have been on Lisinopril for years, with a recently increased dosage to 40mg only in the evenings, with another 5mg of Amlopidine Besylate
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