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Effects lowering SYS BP from 230 to Mid 150:

Long story short, meds and changes have lowered my SYS bp from 220 to mid 150s.  I had no symptoms in the hospital when diagnosed.  I’m feeling a bit light headed now though and wondering others experience?  I know the meds say this could be a side effect.  No other symptoms at all.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm glad your BP is coming down.  You were dangerously high and, actually, I hate to say it but you still are considered hypertensive. they will want to continue to lower your bp.  I started bp meds the beginning of December.  I noticed I felt very strange on the meds including dizziness and chest pain. For me, they were side effects of the medication. With your BP still being high, I'd check with the doctor.  What medication did they start you on?
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Thanks - In touch with the Dr weekly with BP readings and keeping progress tracked.  On Ramipril, Amplodipine and  Indapimide.  Here’s to getting things down under 140 in the near future.  Agree that it is still high but to go from Crisis mode to long term planning is a huge relief!
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Updating to say that the BP has come dow. Over the past three weeks
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