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Female 40 hypertension

I'm female, 40 years old. My past 2 annual health check ups showed high blood pressure but this was not pointed out to me by my doctor as everything else appeared normal. My most recent checkup the nurse told me my BP was very high. After speaking with doctor he advised to get a home monitor. I have been taking readings for the last 7 weeks and averaging at 132 systolic but my diastolic never comes under 90. I exercise most days, stopped smoking 15 years ago and eat relatively healthy. Why would this not be pointed out by the doctor in previous years? Now I'm concerned that I've caused considerable damage because no one said anything to me. At times I have tightness in right shoulder, headaches on the right side and palpitations. However I have also been diagnosed with gallstones so I don't know if these are symptoms for that. The doctor doesn't think my symptoms are severe enough for gallbladder attacks so now I'm worried that I'm having mild heart attacks. Does anyone know why diastolic never comes down? Could this mean a blockage somewhere or perhaps gallstones could be causing this? Thanks in advice. I just want to feel better but don't want to remove my gallbladder just to bring my blood pressure down.
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