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Has anyone here had a blood pressure spike?

I am a 72 y.o. white male in generally excellent health.  I've had HTN for years, always well-controlled with meds.  Two weeks ago my BP spiked, literally overnight, from ~118/74 to 210/116 (yes, I know that;'s dangerous!)  At the time I was on Benicar 40 mg.  I added amlodipine 10 mg (my doc trusts me to self-titrate) and that helped somewhat--down to ~160/92.  Then she added spironolactone 25 mg (that's a diuretic).  It's come down to 118/72--and I expect it will continue to drop, and I will taper off on the meds.

But I'm wondering if anyone else has had a BP spike.  I cannot explain this spike in any of the conventional ways--forgotten meds, use of salt, stress, kidney or thyroid problems, etc.  I do have a suspicion, but I don't want to prejudice any answers here by revealing it yet.
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I don't want to worry you but spikes in blood pressure always worry me.. My blood pressure and many of my family members were always on the low normal side in our thirties and mostly in our early 40's, then ours would spike almost overnight, they called it a family phenomenon, in 2014, after many blood tests, I found it was genetic, blood mutations, clotting disorders. mine spiked to 185 over 150.  I  am now 54 years old; mine spike when I was 44 and I have since had several strokes and several TIAs. Please be careful and watch your blood pressure!
TIAs can be frightening, I had mine at 17.
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Yes, when I was 17 my blood pressure peaked at 250/140 and heart rate 120. However, at your age it could be dangerous. But seems like your bp is controlled with meds, so it sounds good.
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