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High blood pressure & cervical spondylosis

I have several spinal issues including advanced cervical spondylosis & DDD. I also have borderline hypertension. I have had cervicogenic headaches on & off for years. Lately, I am having high spikes in my blood pressure (i.e. 177103, 166/103). When I have these spikes, I have neck pain, esp on right side, that go up back of head to forehead. They feel a lot like cervicogenic headache, so I'm not sure if its headache from neck pain or headache due to the blood pressure being so high. My question is, could the cervical spondylosis & DDD actually being causing these spikes in B/P.  I'm just wondering if there is a neurological issues from the spondylosis that is raising my B/P so high, or even swelling in my neck causing pressure on the vessels??  Would appreciate any input
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