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High systolic

Hello I’m 28 years old, I’m active and workout once a day around an hour. (No pre workouts) I was put on bp meds when I was 22 yrs old due to high bp. It’s systolic that always is high for me...I’ll check my bp in the morning when I first wake up and average is around 145/80...it’s been as high as 158/80. I take my meds regularly on time and I’ve tried coq10, magnesium, cocoa, garlic....no supps help...I’m active non smoker, no caffeine. I have mild/moderate lvh and see a heart doc once a year.....nothing seems to help I really would like any tips or recommendations for this. I’m trying to live healthy but bp has always been my problem despite health diet and exercise.
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I went through a similar period of time when I was 38, but the pattern is the same.  My BP was similar to yours, and I measured it in the morning which is probably the time of day it will be the highest.  I also thought I could exercise and diet my way to fixing it but that wasn't the case.  I also tried all of the dietary supplements that you mentioned, that didn't help either.  My Mom has high BP - hers is 160/110 almost all of the time and she is going on 96 years old, her cholesterol is 350.  I am telling you this so you don't get too wound up over where you are......sometimes you will have family history that you just can't change but that doesn't mean your life expectancy will be shorter.  Also, I was diagnosed with borderline LVH and when you get right down to it, the lvh hasn't been a significant issue and I haven't changed over the years.  I am 59 years old now and mountain bike daily, enjoy working hard in the heat and overall have no complaints and consider myself quite healthy.  My only tip is stay on top of the BP - become an expert in your medications and find the combination that works best for you.  Take your BP at different times during the day, also pay attention to when you take your meds.  I find my lowest BP is around Noon, the highest is the first thing in the morning.  Good luck!
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Thanks for all of your insight. That's great information.  So, did you end up going on medication.  I have genetic predisposition to high blood pressure too.  Genes can be a bummer.  But am wondering if you manage yours with meds.  
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Hello and welcome.  Glad you see your doctor regularly.  Are they satisfied with your current BP and systolic blood pressure reading even while on meds?  This is an excellent topic to discuss with them.  It does still seem high to me and perhaps another medication would control it better?  This sounds like a genetic issue and high blood pressure can be hereditary, unfortunately. Even when we do most everything right.  It sounds like you have worked on these elements but weight control, health diet, limiting salt, regular exercise, reducing stress all help with blood pressure control naturally.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/in-depth/high-blood-pressure/art-20046974
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