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Hypertension and Rapid Heart Rate

Hello. I am a 26 year old female, healthy weight (5'5'' 122 lbs), but have recently been diagnosed with hypertension and tachycardia (rapid heart rate). Until recently, I always had low-normal blood pressure, but now it is ranging from 130/85-160/110. Also I constantly have a rapid heart rate while at rest, ranging from 110-160 beats per minute. I purchased a home heart and blood pressure monitor, most recent reading was 130/96 with a heart rate of 128 beats per minute. This machine, plus data from a Holter Heart Monitor did not indicate that my heart rhythm is irrregular (it's just rapid). My hands shake a lot. I do not engage in cardio exercise as much as I should, I think this would help with the blood pressure but my doctor said I am not allowed to do any exercise other than walking right now due to the rapid heart rate. I was given samples of beta-blockers (Bystolic 10 mg) to take 1 time per day; I have not started them yet- I'm hesitant to take them for some reason. Initial blood work and urine samples indicate my thyroid and kidneys/adrenal glands are functioning fine, so doctors are stumped as to why I am experiencing these symptoms. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you.
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Additional Info: I do not smoke, and I rarely drink alcohol (especially since symptoms emerged). I used to drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day but eliminated all caffeine from my diet when these symptoms appeared.   My diet is very low in sugar. I wouldn't say my sodium intake is "high" especially compared to most Americans diets but this is one area that could be targeted and improved so I am working to decrease sodium in my diet. It is possible that stress could be a factor- I have a high stress job working with children with autism, and some personal family issues, but doctors continue to express that they do not believe stress alone could result in the intensity/frequency of these symptoms (especially because symptoms persist while I am completely calm/not feeling upset.)
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I believe rapid heart rate is frequently due to hypothyroidism.  It can be due to low B12 or cobalt status.  Also anemia causes rapid heart rate, and anemia can be due to low thyroid function.  In his book "Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness", Dr. Broda Barnes describes a female patient with hypertension and a heart rate of 110.  Her hands had a slight tremor.  She was underweight and nervous.  Previous physicians felt she was hyperthyroid, but Broda Barnes suspected the opposite by her sub normal basal temperature.   A 3rd basal metabolism test reveled subnormal metabolism.  It took 2 months on natural thyroid, but her blood pressure decreased, her heart rate came down into the 80s, and her hand tremor was less noticeable.  I believe this story is on p. 44.
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Additional Info:  I am fairly certia Dr. Barnes atient was 22 years old.  Also in the book he describes how extended stress can reduce thyroid function.  
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