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I have Severe high blood pressure

I am a 40 year old male with severe high blood pressure. I have been on multiple different medications and none of them work. Doctor told me its caused by rapid heart rate but all tests came back normal. I also have a headache every day that won't go away. I was also told I have high adrenaline. I do get weak at times. Not sure where to go next. This has been going on for 2 years and no doctor has found a solution. Even normal at home activities raise my heart rate and blood pressure to the point I just want to sleep.
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Hi there. Im not a doctor, but have a lot of experience of this set of symptoms myself.

Firstly, have you had a 24 hour ABPM test yet? Its a little annoying, non invasive and costs little. Have one as it gives the 24 hour average BP. Also importantly it gives night time levels which are important as sometimes if it goes up at night, it can possibly have a secondary cause.
What meds did you get so far? Its sounding like resistant hypertension you have.
Did they try Aldactone? If so what was the outcome?
Did you get a Beta Blocker to slow heart down?
A rapid heart rate combined with high BP should be investigated for adrenal issues.
You mention Adrenaline? This raises BP and Heart rate. Did you have any imaging of the Adrenals yet?
Did your blood work cove a Renin Aldosterone test?
Are there any Kidney issues?

There is a lot of evidence now that High BP can be caused by Adrenaline, in up to 15% of cases. So do look into it
Hope this helps a bit
Lets know
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