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I’m obese with hypertension at 23 and not sure what next step is

So I’m a 23 year old guy and I’ve had high blood pressure for at least a year now. I first found out about it when I went to get Covid tested and they took my vitals and the nurse told me my blood pressure was high, about 140/90 if I remember correctly. But it had also been a few years since ever measuring my blood pressure before that. I honestly wasn’t really surprised given my lifestyle. Embarrassing to admit but I’m well over 300 pounds and morbidly obese, I don’t workout at all, pretty much sedentary, diet is fast food most of the time, I vape and drink socially. At the time I thought I could lose some weight to lower the blood pressure but it’s been a year and no progress, in fact I’ve actually gained quite a few pounds. I don’t see dieting as an option, I’ve tried before but end up caving after a day or two and these habits are here to stay. Same for exercise, it’s just not on my agenda and each time I attempt to run my heart and lungs gives out. Now with my blood pressure hitting 160/100 I feel I have no options left. Is this something I need to start taking medicine for?
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Hi. It's really a hard thing. When you get overweight for whatever reason, have high blood pressure, you probably just don't FEEL like doing the things that help.  I sure understand that.  I started taking blood pressure medication a little over a month ago.  My experience is that it is making me actually FEEL better.  Mine was as high as yours by the way. After the first couple of weeks, I will say I did not feel good taking the bp med, kind of dizzy, chest ached.  But after that?  Things have improved. I actually am not eating the way I was, have lost a few pounds, have more energy. Those were things I didn't expect since hypertension seems like a symptomless disease.  So, my point is, if they recommend blood pressure medication, I'd consider it. And it may give you the boost to then begin working on weight loss.  It's not defeat to start bp meds and it doesn't mean you have to be on it forever if you lose the weight and begin exercising more consistently.  So, yes, I think the medication sounds appropriate for you if your doctor is discussing that. And then start REALLY slow with weight loss.  Some easy things to try . . . not eating after 8 pm.  Have a cup of tea if you are hungry. Don't eat again until morning. That's a fast of sorts.  Night time is when a lot of us get in trouble eating snacks and such.  Pick one trigger food or item you feel would be best to not eat and don't buy it for the week.  Try to exercise with a walk, either 20 minutes or 3 times during the day for 10 minutes each. Just a walk.  If it is cold, walk/march in place while watching a show you like on tv or listening to headphones

Also, there is a dieting and fitness community here.  It's not all hard core but rather a bunch of reasonable people that want good health and have to fight to get it (like me).  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Diet-and-Fitness/show/190  Come join us!
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