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This isn't a blood pressure question but the medication is for high blood pressure so I thought you might could help me.  I have been having some strange symptoms since starting metoprolol as a migraine preventative. My head feels like it weighs a ton, and there is a lot of pressure up there, too. I've also been experiencing blurry vision and some concentration issues. I also take lithium, trazodone and neurontin and a rare xanax.

I experienced these symptoms when I first started taking it and my neurologist said he didn't think they were because of the metoprolol but to start taking it at night instead, which I did for a while and the symptoms went away. I had a 10-day migraine spree recently and he was on some bike trip from which nobody knew when he would return and not knowing what to do, I finally thought of taking the med in the morning again. It was okay for the first 4 or 5 days, and then the symptoms returned (but not the migraines, knock wood)  Last night it got really bad - to the point that I would almost rather have a migraine! I also started feeling nauseous and almost felt like my throat was closing up.  I took nothing else yesterday and wasn't exposed to anything new.

I could really use some advice because my general practitioner is also on vacation!

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Very few of us who regularly look at these posts, or those of us who simply look at the posts occasionally are health professionals who can advise you about drugs, interactions, etc.  Best wishes
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I'm taking metoprolol and I don't have those side effects. Maybe your other meds cause those issues?
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