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No is it dangerously high.?

Hi I'm 58 and female. I have Type2 diabetese well controlled. I also am Steroid Dependant due to Adrenal issues..
I have alwYs had good BP but now it's suddenly gone up to 150/155  my consultant sent me to Care of Gzp with updose of Ramipril.. pleSe can anyone tell me how dangerous this reading is . Thankyou to anybody with any info for me.
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Hi there. According to the numbers you posted,  The 150 number in lower than the diastolic? Its a bit strange?

Systolic 150 would be moderately high. diastolic of 155 (If thats correct) would be quite high indeed and may need prompt evaluation to investigate and control it.
(Its a little unclear in your post if its Systolic of 150/155??

In people with added complications like you describe, they like to go for closer to 120 over 80 as ideal.
Of course your doc has all your info and is best placed to advise.
However I have an interest in Adrenal issues and these can sometimes  have a dramatic effect on BP levels.
Certain conditions with adrenals like conns syndrome can cause big Bp spikes.
Which steroid do you take? that may explain a bit.
Is the Diabetes 2 under control by diet or are you taking meds like Metformin etc??
Hi I am on Hydrocortisone 25mgs + double daily depending on situation ie infections etc..
The Diabetese thing is under control so to speak . Yes was taking Metformin but have had to stop re GI issues. Am now waiting to try the Slower release Metformin.
I have just re looked at my BP reading and I have it absalutly wrong!
It is in fact 155 over 104 that's the reading in the consultants report..
Peace out x
Ps I have partial Adrenal Insufficiency..Dx three years ago .
I also use an injectable solution sorted . As BP dies drop significantky when not well.
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