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What's causing my BP spikes? (NOT pheochromocytoma)

Does anyone here have any insights or information re blood pressure spikes?  I've experienced several in the past few years, and my doc is unable to explain them. When I have them, I have no other symptoms.

These spikes have been fairly high for a week or so--most recently, around 180/100--then slowly returning to normal over the next month or 2.  When I am experiencing a spike, I add amlodipine 5 mg as needed (prescribed by MD).

I've tested negative for the most obvious cause, pheo--pheochromocytoma, a tumor of the adrenal gland:  blood work and MRI shows nothing.  I am unable to point to any change in my behavior:  no changes in stress or diet, no dramatic increase in salt intake, etc.

I am a 76 y.o. white male in generally good health, maybe 5 or 10 lbs overweight, with well-controlled hypertension, no family history of bad diseases.  Ordinarily, I take benicar (medoximil olmesartan) 20 mg to control my BP, which is normally in the range of 110--130 / 70--80.   I measure my BP at home using an Omron Intellisense meter.  I do a brisk 2.5 mile walk several times a week, and I also go to the gym, usually 1x or 2x/week.  

Here is an interesting fact:  I fast twice a week (non-caloric liquids, no food calories), from dinner Monday to breakfast Weds, then dinner Thursday to b'fast Saturday.  On the day following a fast, my BP is in an acceptable range without any meds.
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Hi there.  I'm reading your post and wondering if you have talked to your doctor about this after posting and what they said? Come back to chat about this.
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Apologies for a delaYED response.

The spikes have stopped, no other changes in my health, my doc had no guesses or ideas about the cause.  And no changes of any kind in my behaviors--eating, activity, anxiety, etc.  
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That could indicate a blood sugar problem, which could indicate something going on with your pancreas.
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