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high bp

I have high blood pressure 170/90, I take ramipril 10mg, and I am seeing my gp on Tuesday, anyone got any suggestions that willl help me to get it under control.  I am not over weight.
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The next time you see your doctor take you BP reader with you so you can see if it needs to be calibrated.  Our BP changes throughout the day so pay attention as to what you were doing just prior to taking a reading.  Also, limit your salt intake.
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OK, thanks for the help
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Oh goodness, yes.  That top number is way too high.  If the medication you are taking is not effectively lowering your BP, then you need a new med.  What did your doctor say and prescribe for you.  Lifestyle things like being on a diet like the DASH diet can help as does regular 30 minutes of exercise (even brisk walking totally counts) 5 days a week is also essential.  But where are things at now since you posted this a couple of weeks ago.
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Better, when the doctor took my bp it had come down to normal, and as I have a bp machine she said to take regularly at the same time of day, and if it happened again, to phone in and they would see me the same day.
I am taking 30 minute walks 5 days a week.
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I have high blood pressure tha was 180/112. Now controlled by diltiazam,spironlactone and metoprolol. The water pill is not fun, but less palpitations and lower blood pressure 130/82
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