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new to hypertension meds

my friend just started taking trandolapril 1mg and Irbesartan its only been a couple days but she feels awful
dizzy, heart palpatations, head ache and her blood pressure is still really high 190/110
should she just stick it out? does it get better
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So, I started Losartan, an angiotension 2 med in December of 2021. I will tell you for the first week, I felt bad. Dizziness and chest pains and yes, heart palpitations. I was like , what the heck. Then, after about a week, that went away. I've been on it ever since without issues and my bp lowered to an acceptable range. 190/110 is high enough to be hospitalized. that's a serious number. She needs to stick it out and if her bp does not come down in a short period after starting, she needs to go back to her doctor. They have to get that number down. She's at stroke level blood pressure!  I will tell you that I feel so much better now that my bp is controlled and I didn't even know my high blood pressure was making me feel bad prior. I hope this is what happens for your friend too.
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