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How would you handle this??

I was referred by my OB/GYN of 17+ years to a specialist because I have adenomyosis and possibly endometriosis also.  I had a Novasure ablation done in Aug of this year to stop the heavy bleeding and hope to stop the severe pain too.  Long story short, I have NO bleeding now, just severe pain all month that has steadily been increasing.  I have been told I need a hysterectomy and my doc referred me to this specialist, although she is an endocrinology/fertility OB/GYN, and she agrees and wants to do the DaVinci hyst.  I assume he doesn't do this, only the abdominal and feels this would be much better for me.  My problem.  I saw the specialist on Monday this week, and she called on Wed and said we can book the surgery using DaVinci and her surgical secretary will call me.  No call.  I have to take percocet everyday the pain is so bad and was sent to the ER two weeks ago by OB for the pain.  I call the office today and ask for the surgery lady (booking) and she was very rude right off the bat.  I explained what I said above and how my doc referred me because I need the surgery soon and he cannot do it, also the da vinci.....she says, very rudely, I have not gotten to you yet!!  I got your chart from the doctor yesterday!!  I say ok, well I need to book it and understand it's the holidays and all, just need to book asap hoping for the beginning of January and she laughs and says I don't even know if I can get you in for January.  I will have to call you back, and I don't know when, I may have to talk to the doctor.  I spoke to my OB today and he said he will put in a call to her office to try to get her to schedule me sooner due to the pain, he also said I can squeeze you into MY surgery schedule, but then you would have to get the full abdominal hyst and I don't recommend that for you as the recovery is so much longer, and harder.  That was prior to the rude lady at the specialists office.  What do I do?  Do I call him back and say this is not right, I don't know that I feel comfortable even having surgery now with this practice.  The lady was beyond rude, and frankly the doctor is very full of herself and seems extremely busy.  I know that if I were still gushing blood with this amount of pain they would act quicker, but because I had the ablation now I have no blood, just awful, debilitating pain.  I have no quality of life, I am on a heating pad all day.  I am so lost right now, don't know where to turn.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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You could make a formal complaint about this medical facility.
I empathize with you, I don't know what it is with people nowadays but I have noticed the rudeness and neglect increasing... not just with me, but other people and places too.
In my case, I gave a full report to the office manager. I could proceed and go over their head to make a formal complaint, but haven't done so, yet.
So sorry you are in so much pain. If you don't trust these people, do you have the choice of seeing someone else? Yes, I would tell the doctor what you said about it's not right and don't feel comfortable with them now. I hope you can find a good gynecologist/surgeon who can work with you and do what is right...
BTW, what is a DaVinci hyst? Mine was a vaginal hyst and I still have my ovaries.  
Like I said, I sooo empathize with you, sorry I don't much info, except my opinion is YES you should complain, it's hard being in so much pain and not knowing what to do... I definately think you need a second opinion.
Hang in there
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Thank you for your reply.  The DaVinci is a laparoscopic robot that the surgeon controls, it has five arms I think so you have five small incisions and can do much more precise work as in removing the endo and it also gives the surgeon much better dexterity and allows the patient a much quicker/less painful recovery time.  I did not know anything about this, but the specialist and my regular OB/GN both agree this is the procedure that I should have done.  The wait is my issue, but it seems the more women I speak to online the more I read that it's not unusual to wait a month or more.  I will just take it one day at a time with the pain.  I must be starting my period soon.  I have all the PMS symptoms I usually do and my belly just blew up with fluid and it so painful to the touch.  It hurts to urinate or the other.  I think on Monday I will call my regular OB back and ask if he knows of anyone else who can do it sooner.  He said he could squeeze me into his surgery schedule on tuesday but he could only do the abdominal through my c-section scar, and he doesn't think I should do that, he wants me to try to wait.  He said he would provide pain meds until I can get it done if needed.  I am torn.
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I think it's important to find a doctor that you trust and feel comfortable with. I recently fired my doctor and am seeing a specialist that I have to pay a lot more out of my own pocket to see. The new doc can get me in any time I'm ready and is a very nice woman, my other doc just wanted to wait and see. I have 2 ovarian cysts that need to be removed. I think private practices are a good way to go because they are cheaper and have fewer patients.
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Somehow these things become out of our control, and have a way of "whats meant to be" will happen. I to lived on pain killers for 6 months, before my surgery (which I had 4 weeks ago) became emergency surgery. Personally, I can never hand over any money to anyone who treats me rudely, but thats just me. I have even walked out of a real estate office 5 mins before putting a deposit on my dream home, just because of the way I was treated. Obviously your health and quality of life is different, and the Da vinci method would ideally be the way to go, but remember its not the be all and end all. I ended up having laparotomy, and yes it is a long recovery, but in the end, I feel I was given great care by the doctors, and its so great, not having my life ruled by pain. Good luck with what ever way you go.
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